As a Pick-UP Artist (PUA), the most important skill you will ever discover is how to Create Entourage Game so you can attract any women, anywhere without saying a word to her. And here is exactly how to do it.

Why most Pick-up Artists (PUAs), even if they have been in the Game for years still aren’t getting the results they want.. and how to reach the next level in your game so you get what you Desire.

Dear Fellow Pick-up Artist (PUA),

  • I had invested a lot of time and money into getting better with women, but still felt that after all the dedication I still wasn’t getting anywhere.
  • I had studied seduction from many different schools of thought and practiced them completely but still I felt that there was a missing piece.
  • Sometimes I could talk to any woman and sometimes I couldn’t.n12964216
  • I could talk to any woman but sometimes I could get her attracted and sometimes the attraction just wasn’t there.
  • I had been in the game for a while but still wasn’t getting the results I wanted.
  • I could get girls interested, attracted, and even close them but they weren’t always the girls I truly desired.
  • I could get the mediocre girls but the hot ones always seemed to get away.
  • Every weekend I went out and got decent results but it always felt like such hard work.
  • I started feeling fed up and frustrated with putting in so much effort and ending up with results I didn’t want.
  • I felt lost and wanted a way to develop a more passive way of getting the girls I really wanted with out having to put in so much effort every time I went out.
  • I wanted pick up to be fun and not feel like a long day at work.

Now let me ask you this:

Are you in any of these situations right now?

If you are like me you have tried many expensive seduction books and courses. At first they seem amazing but after a while they all just seem to be a rehash of the same old stuff with out providing a game plan to help you get to the next level.


The Big Secret Of Pick-UP that the Guru’s wont’ tell you

Here’s the big secret: The game they have been teaching is only 1/3 of what you need.

Think about those words for a minute.


What could this mean?

It means that if they are only giving you 1/3 of the pieces to the puzzle then it’s only going to work 30% of the time.


  • I could never come up with a good game plan to TRULY get me to the next level of game.

Think about all the hard work you’ve been putting into studying the ‘art of getting good with women”

Has it work well?

For me it has worked sometimes and sometimes it hasn’t. Its felt like a lot of work to get a little result. I wanted a way to reach my true potential. I wanted a way to finally break to that next level from mediocrity to insanely good.

Did you have to study for ever to get good or was it all just a bunch of crap the “Guru’s” had been telling me?


It was just they left out 2/3 of the puzzle.n327325

Well, I have some exciting news for you:

It is possible to achieve the next level in Game.

I knew that I was so close for the longest time to getting the real amazing results. Getting the girl I truly desired with out having to do back flips to get her.

I had an understanding of all the fundamentals.

I was so close.

It just wasn’t happening.

My sticking points just kept holding me back.

And if I knew what I know now I could have saved a year of solid work off my development.

The Big Mystery

So why is this?

After struggling to learn more and perfect my pick-up ability I could only get 30% of the results I wanted.

I didn’t see the big picture for so long.

I slowly and painstakingly learned the other 2/3 the “guru’s” didn’t tell us.

n1241256I learned why a very few guys got insanely good results and at the same time they didn’t have to work hard to get powerful attraction.

And, most importantly, I learned how to create true abundance and have tons of women around me.

I learned to master the only scientifically proven form of attraction.

I learned the hard way that game is made up of three parts.

I’m going to show you how… and hopefully solve this mystery for you once and for all…

The Difference Between “Average” Pick up Artists Who Have “Average Success” With Women… And The Guys Who Have INCREDIBLE Consistent Success With Women EVERY TIME

The way I see it, us “regular PUA” have basically two options:

  1. Go up and talked to the girl, get her interested and attracted by providing massive value.
  1. Learn how to BECOME the VALUE and have women so powerfully attracted that they open you so you don’t have to do ANYTHING… but instead, have women pursuing YOU.

The reason I’m so familiar with these two options is that I personally did option #1 (Learning everything every GURU talked about… hoping that I would master it one day) for many years of my life.

Only after getting TOTALLY FED UP with mediocre success did I finally explore other options and take my game to the next level.n12323432

It took me over a year of studying NATURAL guys and what made them successful. Learning from guys who were “naturals” with women, and figuring things out the HARD WAY… what really worked.

If you’ve ready any seduction material, then you’ve learned some of the best ways to get women interested by working hard to gain their interest.

You’ve gotten a “foundation” for meeting and ATTRACTING women.

Your success with women is probably higher as a result…

But there’s more.

A lot more.

And if you’re ready to take your success with women to the NEXT level, then read on…

For the last year, I’ve been spending a lot of time mastering the techniques and core principles that would sky rocket my game to the next level.

n21696152Some of them are so amazing and simple that that you probably wouldn’t believe how well they work.

As I got deeper and deeper I really started to learn the power of being the value that women desired. I started to learn how to be SO DAMN SUCCESSFUL with women, I began to realize that the full complete method to game was a much better one.

In other words, it was so powerful that I couldn’t believe I had wasted so much time on the old approach.

It was also knowing how things really worked.

The Path to TRUE MASTERY with Women, through
Confidence, Abundance, and Sexual Escalation…

The more I learned these secrets to creating true Abundance, and the more I learned about becoming the guy that didn’t count the more powerful my game became.

And that’s exactly what I’ve done.

I took all of the game out there and filled in the missing links, and I carefully explained it all in my book “Entourage Game”

Inside, I will reveal to you:

  • The one and only real way to create true confidence with women in simple ways anyone can understandn23325235
  • I am going to show you how to create and an Entourage of HOT Women that will game for you.
  • How to create a situation where you get treated like a celebrity in any venue you choose to go.
  • How to correctly use sexual escalation with every woman to have them begging for you to seal the deal and fighting over you
  • How to cultivate true abundance with women so you always have one if not twenty
  • How to truly become the value so you don’t have to talk about value instead you are the VALUE
  • Have the Hottest women in the club opening you and already being attracted to you
  • How to maintain a true celebrity Rock star lifestyle with women
  • How to game with out game and have it work
  • I will reveal to you the 3 core qualities that all “natural’s” have
  • A step by step GAME PLAN to create a the effect that you are a rock star from scratch every night where ever you go
  • How to maintain your entourage of beautiful women
  • I will reveal to you how to create a Social Proof trap allowing you a fool proof way to attract any women.
  • One simple technique that will change your game forever
  • A simple 3 step system that will render all other community methods irrelevant
  • How to build YOUR dream life with women

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“Being Surrounded By Hot Women Is Now Just Another Night Out…”

I used to go out as a single guy with a few of my guy friends and try to pull chicks.  Sometimes it worked, but I had to go through a lot of no’s just to get a yes.  Worst of all, trying to pick up a girl felt like lots of work and frustration instead of being fun.

This book changed everything for me.  I really took the time to follow what you outlined in this book and built an entourage of great people to go out with.  Now going out is fun and I don’t even have to think about meeting hot women anymore… it pretty much happens automatically!

I am so glad you made this book.  It was a complete paradigm-shift for me and is waaaaay more effective than my old method of trying to pick up women.  I only wish I had read this 5 years ago when I had started studying the art of seduction.

San Antonio, TX

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Nikki Knight

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